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Hi. I'm Daisy and this is a blog purely about my thoughts, what I think is cool, what I hate, and what I can't get enough of. I hope you enjoy my blog but if you don't...well whatever.

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I had one of those days where, you really want to do something awesome, but you can’t think of anything awesome to do, so you sit at home and read all afternoon. My life…

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that’s a very blurry version of me

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Why!? Why do I love this so much!? 

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haha I love this movie

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rant about life.

Me and this guy have been friends for a long time. Sometimes I wonder if we could be more, we don’t necessarily like the same music or books but I genuinely care about this person. I know he cares about me because I’ve been his only consistent friend throughout the years, but maybe that’s because his emotions don’t go beyond friendship? That’s what I see as the most likely reason we’ve stayed just friends, though we are suppose to get married at thirty if we have no one else. Sometimes I think we would be great together and other times I cant stand him, he’s judgmental and sometimes down right rude. I never saw that in him until this year, in fact I never saw him as anything but a friend until this year. Sometimes I wish I knew his exact feelings about me, but I’m much to shy to ask and we are way to good of friends to risk screwing that up. Even though I hate his judgmental comments I crave to hear what he thinks. Is that me being self conscious?  I guess it really doesn’t matter since we are all being geographically separated next year…sometimes I thank god for that and other times I think I’ll miss my friends. Really I’m just excited to start new again, be free to my own mind, and to choose/read/believe/act on what I believe. 

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